Saftey Alert Issued by Civil Defense as Temperature Drops in UAE

The General Department of civil defense Abu Dhabi urges the public to follow the public safety instructions and guidelines during the use of heating devices to avoid any accidents that might result from their abuse, as part of the “Safe and Fun” campaign.

Dean Mohamed Ibrahim Al Amri, Acting Director-General, to move away from some of the wrong behavior and behavior in the use of heating devices that may cause accidents such as house fires or congestion. He stressed continuing public awareness and encouraged them to follow the civil defence advice and guidelines to avoid the risks that might arise from the abuse of such devices.

The requirements and advice included ensuring the safety and carrying of the wires connecting between the fireplace and the electric source. Avoid putting the wires under the carpets and not allowing children to play near or around the fireplace to avoid touching or exposed to its heat.

She referred to the dangers of permanent use of heating devices to avoid the release of carbon dioxide gas, provide automatic cutter to separate the electric current once they fall, and the need for proper ventilation to where they are used every now and then to dispose from the gas from it.

She also warned that the heater should be turned off when you were out of the place or when sleeping, and not to put it next to the water or a wet area.

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