Smokers, Fire and Negligence

Fires occurred on the balconies of high-rise buildings are mostly a result of people flicking or tossing their cigarette butts off their balcony.

Most of the fires that break out start due to cigarette butts or leftovers of shisha (burning coals) falling from top floors onto balconies of lower floors where flammable items were stored.

A smoldering cigarette can ignite combustible material on balconies including plants, carton boxes, newspapers/magazines, furniture and curtains/fiber shades (if any). It can easily start a fire, can destroy property, and places residents lives at risk. Cigarette-butt fire hazards are the biggest threat to building safety itself!

Smoldering cigarette is as dangerous as a ticking time bomb!

For indoor smoking special care is required; And to dispose-off flamed cigarette, the world civilization uses a product of convenience called ASHTRAY (specifically the covered ones) which are highly recommended for Smokers only!

Balconies filled with storage items, discarded cardboard boxes and other items are becoming a common sight in high-rise buildings, which is a fire safety hazard in itself. Residents also should avoid using their balconies as storage space for discarded or old household items, at least flammables items should be taken care and avoided!

Negligence causes damages. It does not matter how much you equipped the building with state-of-the-art fire safety and technology; as far as you are careless, no one and nothing can protect you! Be responsible! Be Safe!

I will summarize this global issue by addressing to our Dearest Smokers;

“Kill Your Cigarette Butts Not Your Neighbors!”

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