Sudanese Knives Person to Death

A murder was reported last night within Emirates City area located at Highway of E311 in Ajman.

According to sources, two Sudanese nationals were seen in the brawl from the past few days. However, the brawl ended when one of the Sudanese national stabs the other one while she was in the car.

By the time police arrived, the unknown lady was found dead at the front passenger seat of the car. An ambulance was called upon immediately to move the body.

The incident happened around 10 pm near an under-construction park’s side parking located at Emirates City entrance’s area. Community people spot the bleeding lady in the car during their fitness runs around the Emirates City. The incident was immediately reported by a security guard of the nearby residential building. It is unconfirmed whether the Sudanese nationals were the residents of Emirates City or not, as the increased number of guests at the weekends keeps the parking occupied!

The Police is still in search of the attacker and investigations are in place with strict monitoring and security measures.




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