ajman traffic police fines in emirates city ajman

Ajman Traffic Police Fines In Emirates City Ajman

Despite having roads and the road signs within the Emirates City, an under-development project for a decade, Ajman’s Traffic Police is actively penalizing vehicles in the area, especially on weekends.

Emirates City itself is a newly born community which got populated from last 4 years without necessity amenities like roads, street lights, road/street signs, reflectors, electricity, water, internet connections and the list continues on.

Ajman Traffic Police was usually fining for vehicles parked in no parking zone area, such as on-road sideways, in front of construction buildings, vehicles parked over roundabouts or in such a way which blocks traffic flow and these are truly illegal and right to be fined.

This weekend Ajman Traffic Police surprised community residents by fining vehicles and drivers by announcing that they droved back in one-way entry road. The internal road which is used by the residents from the last four years as the two-way road (without above-mentioned facilities) suddenly becomes one-way!! The fine was of AED 500!

The residents are giving mix reactions on this approach of Ajman Traffic Police and their fines. Without road signs or markings on the road or any information provided by RTA or Ajman Traffic Police, such fines are considered as a ripoff.

Few residents claim that fines can be waved-off if pictures are provided to fining authorities. Pictures of the road which displays that there are no traffic signs or directions.

Emirates City Internal Road

Still, the question remains will Emirates City and its residents get a normal lifestyle and facilities from Government of Ajman as provided in other communities of ‘other’ emirates?



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