Happy Anniversary to Under Construction Parks!

Emirates City residents were not just excited but enchanted by the commencing of the project of “A Community Park”, started last year in April 2018.

Parallel construction works were started at both locations i.e. one at the community entrance-exit roadside and the other one at proposed land between Row-B Towers and Row-C Towers. (Ex-Lake site)

The initiative by the Master Developer (R-Holding Group) was highly appreciated and applauded not only by the community residents but the real estate market brokers and property owners. It is an obvious recognition, a community with amenities always gets perky price benefits!

The fast-paced works, fairly convinced to be finished promptly and the park would be ready within three months or exceptionally more!

But it doomed! It is assumed that the contractor (contract given out to the service provider for ground leveling works and to lay down pavements) did his best part and departed! Now further works are on-hold / pending by Master Developer (R-Holding Group) due to unknown reasons!

Also to be stated that in the year 2016, FEWA Sub-Station construction was started by the Federal Government. Which later got not only operational but also connected energy supplies to two towers of the community!

Park needs consistent maintenance, water supplies, power connections for different purposes and lighting at night. We are again, on a positive note, assuming that community parks construction might have got delayed until the completion of FEWA Sub-Station.

Until now! FEWA Sub-Station is ready! Road Constructions works are also in progress speedily! It is very clear that Government based tasks are likely to get finish on-time or prior. But Master Developer (R-Holding Group) seemed to hold it deliberately! (We are still looking for better statement).

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