Ajman To Continue 30% Exempt in Tenancy.

Emirati citizens from the Emirate of Ajman launched a new initiative, under the current circumstances, to continue to exempt tenants from their residential properties at 30% of the value of the rents, to postpone the monthly payments to those who cannot pay them and to exempt a large part of the tenants from paying the amounts due to the spread of the Corona virus. Also standing beside them until their economic and living conditions recover, stressing that this initiative continues until the end of Corona’s crisis.

The owners of the initiative, Abdullah Saeed Al-Nuaimi, Muhammad Al-Janahi, and his father, Ali Al-Janahi, said that they launched an initiative 3 months ago to exempt, postpone and stabilize the value of the rents, but they sought that the financial conditions of the tenants still need a longer period of improvement, which led them to continue this initiative until further notice.

They added that the current situation calls for the solidarity of all parties socially, and that this is not the time to make profits after the sectors are gradually opened and employees return to work from their workplaces, noting that many tenants were affected during the Corona period. A crisis and its economic recovery have not yet been prepared, indicating that the time needs the present person for solidarity between the various groups of society, including landlords and tenants.

They pointed out that their new initiative includes all the tenants who live in their residential buildings, whether inside Ajman or in other emirates, where the initiative includes exempting some categories of rents for an unlimited period, exempting all tenants by 30%, and paying installments for some of them who cannot pay them in full. Until the end of the Corona crisis, indicating that they will not raise any rental values to any late tenants to pay the dues, and will work towards a solution that satisfies all parties.

Also pointed out the necessity to generalize their initiative and join all its owners or launch similar community initiatives in response to the good of the country and contribute to economic growth and mitigation of tenants affected by the Corona crisis, and the promotion and strengthening of social cohesion.

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