Emirate of Ajman

Ajman is one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It the smallest of all the seven emirates measuring about 259sq. km. which is about 0.3 percent of the UAE’s area without the islands. Ajman also controls two small inland exclaves: Manama and Masfut, both of which are primarily agricultural. Ajman has a few sandy beaches but is mainly characterized by the rugged Hajjar mountain range. Although Ajman city is modern and provides up-to-date services and facilities, it reflects its traditional charm.

Ajman’s culture is steeped in exceptional hospitality. It is an inherited tradition borne out of the austere natural environment and the resulting emphasis on receiving and providing for guests. In Ajman, neighbours still celebrate life together, guests are warmly welcomed-in and sincere generosity is evidenced throughout everyday life. More than our beaches, quality driven hospitality offerings or investment-friendly policies, it is the genuine welcoming nature of our people that defines Ajman’s true sense of place.


Location and Geography

Ajman lies on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, in the northern part of the UAE. It is 16 km. long and lies between the emirates of Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.


Touristic Landmarks

The magical beaches of Ajman with their fresh air, peaceful environment and clean water provide various marine activities that attract many sea lovers.

Some of the major landmarks in Ajman are:

  • Ajman Museum
  • Masfout Castle
  • Masfout Gate
  • The Red Fort


The Ruling Family

The Al Nuaimi tribe, who migrated to the region around 1775, formed Ajman. The first recognition of Ajman as an autonomous state came in 1820.

Ajman is ruled by H. H. Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi. As the 10th ruler of the emirate of Ajman, he succeeded his late father H. H. Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi on 6 September 1981.

The reign of late Sheikh Rashid Bin Al Nuaimi lasted 53 years, from 1928 to 1981.

Sheik Humaid received his early education in Dubai in 1940 before proceeding to Cairo, Egypt, to continue his higher education. Soon after, he became involved in the political affairs of the emirate and became the Deputy Ruler of Ajman. He held this position from 1960 to 1981. H. H. is considered the founder of the new emirate of Ajman.


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