Mars Road in Emirates City Ajman UAE

‘Mars Road’ found in Emirates City Ajman

When you hear the title ‘Mars Road‘, a thousand thoughts passes in mind in a second, what could it be and gets perplexed at the end.

Similarly, it happens when any person moves into the community of Emirates City and catch people talking about Mars Road!

So what is it really?

Mars Road is the name given by the residents of the community, to an exit route (which is not official) of Emirates City Community to the highway.

The Exit-Road (Mars Road) is basically under-constructed road which was left abdondoned for approx 12 years!

The construction of the road was earlier started by Chapal Builders, for its own community. The property land is owned by the same builder. But due to the crisis of year 2008/2009, construction works were halted, which left a road carpeted with crushed stones only!

Residents of the community, after moving in, started using the same road for quick exits to the highway to skip a time taking 15 min U-turn!

Not to mention the exit ride becomes quit bumpy and is severly harmful for vehicles safety (specially tyres). Any peice of crush stone can hit the wind sheild of the back car or damage its own vehicle tank or other parts.

Mars Road in Emirates City Ajman UAE

It is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED to use for exits, it will be good for the safety of your own – firstly– and vehicles too.

“Emirates City should have its shortest route to exit the community and get to the highway quickly!”, says a newly moved in tenant.

“It takes almost 12 km to 15 km just to make a U-turn! Which is insane! especially people like who have daily routines to go office and come back home! It’s painful!”, frustrated owner of the apartment gives his feedback.

Government and R-Holding Group should put some serious consideration to provide necessary exit points/roads/routes to the community, and provide its residents some ease!

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