Etisalat Offers Asiana Package for South Asian Viewers

Etisalat Introduces Ex-Pehla Package as “Asiana Add-On” to its eLife and IPTV Subscribers

As OSN Network earlier discontinued its Pehla TV services from its network, Etisalat introduces similar ex-Pehla package as “Asiana Add-On” to its eLife and IPTV Subscribers.

Asiana Pack Addon is likely introduced along with other addons such as Western Pack, Arabic Pack, Pinoy Pack, Japanese Pack, Russian Pack, French Pack and Tamil Pack.

Etisalat Addon Packs for eLife IPTV

Asiana Addon focusses South Asian channels, a mixed variety of channels from Pakistan, Indian and Bangladesh tv broadcast networks.

Asiana Pack have further three levels of subscriptions as;

  1. Asiana Lite (AED 79)
  2. Asiana Plus (AED 140)
  3. Asiana Premium (AED 175)

All prices are excluding VAT.

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