Police in Action Over A Suspicious Bag Found

Last night Emirates City was heavily raided by Ajman Police along with Rescue Teams and Special Technical Squad (seemed to be bomb squad).

According to multiple sources, Ajman Police received a call from an unknown person, mentioning a suspicious bag found around C3 Majestic Tower.

Ajman Police responded spontaneously and secured the road area from C4 Lake Towers to C1 and Lavender Tower (D1). Traffic or any jaywalkers were restricted accordingly.

The Rescue and Technical Squad search the area around and investigated Security Guards of the residential buildings which were within the restricted area.

After a few hours of search and scanning of any suspicious activity within the bag, it was declared as a false alarm.

Soon, Ajman Police and Rescue Team along with Technical Squad were seen leaving and clearing the area.

It is still at large, who called the Police?

Emirates City residents should be vigilant and should immediately inform relevant authorities if found any thing or activity suspicious. It will not only save you but the community as well.

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